Present & Past Lab Personnel

Are these Giardia cultures contaminated?

Comfort at real-time PCR

Christine at centrifuge

Colin & Nakita

End of summer lunch 2009

Back row:  Colin, Tony & Dan

Front row: Nakita, Joella, Janet & Comfort

Tony at culture hood

Summer 2010

Eva, James, Samiah, Virginia, Joella, Rolinda, Amber, Gail & Colin

CHPI 2010 meeting in Montreal

Janet, Colin, Chase & Amber

Maggie, Ankelly & Jen

Melissa, Dave & Reem

Rocky, Gail, Parineeta & Aaliya

Betty processing her cultures

Colin performing plasmid DNA preps

Aaliya checking data

Stephen & Joella

Spring BBQ 2007

1st row: Comfort; 2nd row: Veronica, Victoria, Heather, Mark, Lindsay, Dan, Matt, Tony; 3rd row: Brian

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Eva (left) receiving 1st prize at SOUSCC 2011 at U. of Waterloo

SOUSCC 2011 at U. of Waterloo

Clockwise from 1 o’clock: Samiah, Samaga, Rolinda, Eva, Lindsay, Wendy & Mirfath

Summer 2011

Back row:  Wendy, Eva, Joella, Amber, Colin, Samiah

& Chase;  Front row: Samaga, Rolinda & Janet

SOUSCC 2012 at U. of Guelph

Mirfath, Johnathan, James, Lindsay & Wendy

CHPI 2012 meeting in Laval

Chase, Kirk, Samiah & Janet

Kayla and her 3rd prize at SOUSCC 2013 at McMaster’s U.

Lab reunion at CSM 2012 in Vancouver

Rolinda, Chase, Samiah & Eva

Summer 2012

1st row: Jennifer, Wendy & Samiah; 2nd row: Janet, Danielle & Elizabeth; 3rd row: Katie, Kirk & Chase

SOUSCC 2013 at McMaster’s U.

Mirfath, Kayla, Alex, Megan & Katie

Megan, Connor Kenway (Assassin’s Creed), Danielle, Elizabeth

Chase with President’s Medal at Trent Convocation 2013

CHPI/ASP 2013 meeting in Quebec City

1st row: Elizabeth, Guillem, Jennifer, Chase & Janet; 2nd row: Katie, Danielle & Megan

Summer 2014

1st row: Janet, Elizabeth, Rachel, Wendy & Guillem; 2nd row: Jennifer, Banyan, Kelly & Adam; 3rd row: Bshayer & Courtney

Ben Mulroney, Jan Arden, Jen Brown,

Anna Olson & Jason Priestley

Elizabeth’s Giardia cake

Wendy’s pool party

Liz, Wendy, Guillem, Kaitlyn, Katie, Adam, Alice, Courtney & Kelly

Adam preparing solution at sink

Katie pelleting cell samples

Nicole at the spectrophometer

Brian excited about the rocker

Kelly and her gel-shift & Giardia cookies

Megan loading her gel

SOUSCC 2016 at Trent University

Front row: Julie, Samantha, Ruhi & Janet; Back row: Nick, Chris, Katie B., Alex & Katie H.R.

Water polo champions!

Adam, Alex, Samantha, Brian & Julie

Summer 2016

Clockwise from left: Julie, Katie B., Megan, Katie H.R., Rebecca, Jessica, Guillem, Zak & Nick

Summer 2017

Clockwise from bottom: Bayan & Nurhan, Asheesh, Janet, Will, Jessica, Guillem and Glinton

Biology Awards 2017

Glinton, Rubab, Zakhar

Chemistry Awards 2017

Front row: Zakhar and Glinton

Back row: Eliza, Janet and Rubab

Guillem with Governor General Gold Medal

at Trent Convocation 2018

Summer 2018

Front row: Janet and Akanksha.  Back row: Kristen and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn at the lab bench

SOUSCC 2019 at University of Toronto Scarborough

Angus, Evan, Rodion, and Tiffany