Present & Past Lab Personnel

Are these Giardia cultures contaminated?

Comfort at real-time PCR

Christine at centrifuge

Colin & Nakita

End of summer lunch 2009

Back row:  Colin, Tony & Dan

Front row: Nakita, Joella, Janet & Comfort

Tony at culture hood

Summer 2010

Eva, James, Samiah, Virginia, Joella, Rolinda, Amber, Gail & Colin

CHPI 2010 meeting in Montreal

Janet, Colin, Chase & Amber

Maggie, Ankelly & Jen

Melissa, Dave & Reem

Rocky, Gail, Parineeta & Aaliya

Betty processing her cultures

Colin performing plasmid DNA preps

Aaliya checking data

Stephen & Joella

Spring BBQ 2007

1st row: Comfort; 2nd row: Veronica, Victoria, Heather, Mark, Lindsay, Dan, Matt, Tony; 3rd row: Brian

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Eva (left) receiving 1st prize at SOUSCC 2011 at U. of Waterloo

SOUSCC 2011 at U. of Waterloo

Clockwise from 1 o’clock: Samiah, Samaga, Rolinda, Eva, Lindsay, Wendy & Mirfath

Summer 2011

Back row:  Wendy, Eva, Joella, Amber, Colin, Samiah

& Chase;  Front row: Samaga, Rolinda & Janet

SOUSCC 2012 at U. of Guelph

Mirfath, Johnathan, James, Lindsay & Wendy

CHPI 2012 meeting in Laval

Chase, Kirk, Samiah & Janet

Kayla and her 3rd prize at SOUSCC 2013 at McMaster’s U.

Lab reunion at CSM 2012 in Vancouver

Rolinda, Chase, Samiah & Eva

Summer 2012

1st row: Jennifer, Wendy & Samiah; 2nd row: Janet, Danielle & Elizabeth; 3rd row: Katie, Kirk & Chase

SOUSCC 2013 at McMaster’s U.

Mirfath, Kayla, Alex, Megan & Katie

Megan, Connor Kenway (Assassin’s Creed), Danielle, Elizabeth

Chase with President’s Medal at Trent Convocation 2013

CHPI/ASP 2013 meeting in Quebec City

1st row: Elizabeth, Guillem, Jennifer, Chase & Janet; 2nd row: Katie, Danielle & Megan

Summer 2014

1st row: Janet, Elizabeth, Rachel, Wendy & Guillem; 2nd row: Jennifer, Banyan, Kelly & Adam; 3rd row: Bshayer & Courtney

Ben Mulroney, Jan Arden, Jen Brown,

Anna Olson & Jason Priestley

Elizabeth’s Giardia cake

Wendy’s pool party

Liz, Wendy, Guillem, Kaitlyn, Katie, Adam, Alice, Courtney & Kelly

Adam preparing solution at sink

Katie pelleting cell samples

Nicole at the spectrophometer

Brian excited about the rocker

Kelly and her gel-shift & Giardia cookies

Megan loading her gel

SOUSCC 2016 at Trent University

Front row: Julie, Samantha, Ruhi & Janet; Back row: Nick, Chris, Katie B., Alex & Katie H.R.

Water polo champions!

Adam, Alex, Samantha, Brian & Julie

Summer 2016

Clockwise from left: Julie, Katie B., Megan, Katie H.R., Rebecca, Jessica, Guillem, Zak & Nick

Summer 2017

Clockwise from bottom: Bayan & Nurhan, Asheesh, Janet, Will, Jessica, Guillem and Glinton

Biology Awards 2017

Glinton, Rubab, Zakhar

Chemistry Awards 2017

Front row: Zakhar and Glinton

Back row: Eliza, Janet and Rubab

Guillem with Governor General Gold Medal

at Trent Convocation 2018

Summer 2018

Front row: Janet and Akanksha.  Back row: Kristen and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn at the lab bench

SOUSCC 2019 at University of Toronto Scarborough

Angus, Evan, Rodion, and Tiffany

Summer 2019

Francisco, Alexis, Janet, Kaitlyn, and Serena

Chemistry Awards 2019

Front row: Angus and Roselle

Back row: Serena and Alexis

Summer 2020

Ted, Sophie, Regan, Kyla, Vedanti, Julia, Logan & Janet

Summer 2021

Front row: Farnoush, Kyla, and Kieran

Back row: Janet and Vedanti

Summer 2022

Front row: Giulia and Vedanti

Back row: Janet, Kieran, Anasofia, Melanie & Farnoush

Francisco analyzing qPCR data

Regan at epifluorescent microscope

Logan using flow cytometer